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April 11, 2013

Last year while browsing through Gold Bug in Pasadena, I discovered a badass jewelry collection called K/LLER.  I left there with a new pair of earrings that soon became the favorite in my closet.  A few months later at the Capsule show in NYC, I visited their booth and was so excited to see the entire collection in person.  It took me about two seconds to become a full fledged fan of co-creators Katie and Michael and their K/LLER COLLECTION.

I was inspired to use their jewelry in COREY’S Fall 2013 fashion presentation in NYC last week and it was such a great juxtaposition to Corey’s feminine aesthetic.  I loved how the jewelry brought out her edgier rebellious side and showed her love of using eclectic elements in her design aesthetic. I was really happy with the collaboration and it was really great working with these K/LLER ladies! Before I left town they let me stop by their studio and hang out for a bit and talk shop.  Always a treat!

Co-Creators Katie Dugezman and Michael Miller

Co-Creators Katie deGuzman and Michael Miller

The girls have been friends for over ten years dating back to their days studying furniture design at Parsons.  After years of doing their own separate design work in the jewelry, furniture and lighting industries, they found themselves in eachother’s path again at just the right time.  In 2010, they created their combined aesthetic to become K/LLER COLLECTION.  Inspired by motorcycles, alchemy, rusted tools and androgyny, Katie and Michael have a very clear idea of who they are and you can feel it in every piece that they create together.

” It is about the juxtaposition of hard and soft, the
dark side clashing with the sweet, and choosing vice over virtue. The adornments speak of an unapologetically gutsy rebel-yell. Gritty and unfettered yet incredibly chic the pieces are subtly bohemian with a biker-chick aesthetic.”

Brand inspiration

Brand inspiration



Work station

Work station

Porcupine quill art hangs on the wall

The collection is hand crafted in the USA with all pieces being assembled in their Brooklyn studio.  They start the design process by sketching and work very closely with casting artisans to help perfect their vision before it comes back into their hands to assemble.

Sketching of new designs in progress

Sketching of new designs in progress

The aesthetic round up

The aesthetic round up

The line is edgy and sharp but is contradicted by the delicacy of it’s angles.  Porcupine quills, fish jaws, arrowheads, horns, distressed leather, stalactites, petals, porcupine quills and feathers are transformed into delicate and dark little talismans for its wearer.

“It is about the juxtaposition of hard and soft, the dark side clashing with the sweet, and choosing vice over virtue.”

Wall of jewelry

Love how all the pieces can be worn together

A wall of bracelets and earrings

I’m such a fan of these cuffs

An assortment of necklaces

Sharp contrasts

And more...

Talismans and more

An assortment of earrings

Some of my favorites

Some of my favorites

More earrings...

Delicate sharpness

The collection is quickly gaining momentum and is currently showcased at over 30 selected stores worldwide including some of my favorites Tenoversix, Helmut Lang, Sucre, Feathers and Need Supply. Barneys New York just picked up the line for Spring 2013, and the Japanese market is on their horizon. For a full stockist, look here.

I’m so excited to know these ladies and even more excited to be wearing all of my new jewelry that I acquired during my visit! Thank you Katie and Michael xxoo



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