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February 26, 2013


I’m sorry I’ve been lax on posting the past few weeks.  I have been busy getting my clients ready to present their Fall 2013 collections in NYC this week nd last week I spent a few days in Las Vegas at the Project show checking things out.  I will share those finds with you later this week but first I want to share some of the cool things I spotted at Rin Tanaka’s 3rd edition of his Inspiration show held in Long Beach a few weekends ago.

As a lover of all things Japanese and utility driven, I was obsessed with most of the stuff that I saw at this show from over 130 exhibitors.  People come from all over the world to check out some of the best representations of vintage denim wear you will find anywhere. Take a look at some of my favorites and grab some inspiration for the upcoming season.  I was excited to see that some of my recent flea market purchases were on the mark and that these aficionados were selling similar styles to what I already spied to be up and coming trends in the denim marketplace.

Junkyard_Jeans_isp20213_P1040630 Junkyard_Jeans_isp20213_P1040629 Raggedy_Threads_isp20213_P1040355 Goodbye_Heart_isp20213_P1040441 Junkyard_Jeans_isp20213_P1040643 Junkyard_Jeans_isp20213_P1040635 Junkyard_Jeans_isp20213_P1040649 Snappy_Gabs_isp0213_IMG_7665 Snappy_Gabs_isp20213_P1040394 Orange_Crush_Exports_isp20213_P1040452 Snappy_Gabs_isp20213_P1040397 Santa_Fe_isp20213_P1040163 Core_Vintage_Collection_isp20213_P1040361 Core_Vintage_Collection_isp20213_P1040364 Vintage_Productions_isp0213_IMG_7534 Santa_Fe_isp20213_P1040166 Vintage_Productions_isp20213_P1040231 Vintage_Productions_isp0213_IMG_7546 Vintage_Productions_isp20213_P1040234 Koromo_Kyoto_isp20213_P1040557 Goodbye_Heart_isp20213_P1040438 Goodbye_Heart_isp20213_P1040435 Shanana_Mil_&_Co._isp0213_IMG_7788 Speedway_Modern_Wear_isp20213_P1040344 Snappy_Gabs_isp20213_P1040389 Koromo_Kyoto_isp20213_P1040576 Koromo_Kyoto_isp20213_P1040561 Orange_Crush_Exports_isp20213_P1040448 The_Rads_isp20213_P1040423 The_Rads_isp20213_P1040425 Vintage_Productions_isp0213_IMG_7554 Vintage_Productions_isp0213_IMG_7565 Mike_Folmer_Vintage_Clothing_isp0213_IMG_7596

I‘m seriously obsessed with all of the above items and wish that I could wear all of these things all of the time.  I constantly find myself wishing I was a man so I could dress like this…is that weird?  Yea, I think it is.  The sartorial challenge is for me to translate this look to womenswear.  Yes, I can do it!

What’s your favorite from my pictures? Is it the patchwork, Japanese utility denim, military, patched jackets, western wear, or vintage graphics?  Would love to know your thoughts!


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