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September 14, 2012

Although it has been strange not being involved in NYFW this season, I am very excited about unveiling a project that I have been working on next week in New York for Coterie. My client, Corey Lynn Calter will show her new line, COREY, to buyers next week at market for the Spring 2013 season.  In an effort to stay ahead of the cultural curve, Corey decided to re-brand her 12 year eponymous line Corey Lynn Calter to allow herself a different approach to the current marketplace.  The re-brand comes with a fresh new creative perspective and a social media branding campaign that will grow  the personal connection that she has established with her clientele over the course of her career.  Along with the new line, Corey plans to partner and collaborate with artists and other designers to build a creative community and outlet for collaboration.  This new platform will give her new opportunities for creative ventures including the THISISCOREY.COM website that will launch to the public in January 2013.  The e-commerce website will include accessories, shoes and ideas that will compliment the collection each season and will sell exclusives from the artistic partnerships that she creates. There has been a lot leading up to executing this re-branding and it has been so exciting being a part of the process and I have learned so much from the experience thus far.

The first part of this undertaking we completed last week with a branding photoshoot featuring actress and COREY muse, Nora Zehetner , as our model.  The Spring collection was inspired by Russian artist, Henry Darger, and Corey wanted to communicate that inspiration in the imagery.  Shot by photographer, Emily Ulmer, we chose Cedar Grove in Griffith Park as our location.  I borrowed jewelry from some of my favorite LA designers to complete the looks:  Annie Costello Brown, Gabriela Artigas and Kathryn Bentley as well as a new designer we found at Project Las Vegas, Adesso Jewelry from Santa Barbara.  Here are some of the shots I took in between styling looks.

One of my favorite dresses in the collection

All the jewelry worked so well together. The colored enamel bracelets & rings are by Dream Collective and the necklace is by ACB


A view from the top

Flora, Corey's assistant in action

Flora, Corey’s assistant in action

Makeup artist David Rodriguez (@dzrod) and Corey adjusting Nora’s look

The shoes are a collaboration between Corey and Seychelle’s

Necklaces by Dream Collective and ACB


One of my favorite shots of the day

All the jewelry together!

Horns by Alex & Lee

The horns are a Darger reference

We were all very happy with how the images turned out and the brand book that was put together to pass out next week looks absolutely amazing.  As soon as I get a copy I will share with you how the whole thing came together.  There was a lot of post production work that was needed to complete the idea.

After the Nora shoot, we had to do a formal lookbook showing all of the collection for the season.  Here are a few snapshots from instagram @theschereport.

The next task in this process is setting up the new booth at market to reflect the new brand.  Corey and I leave Sunday for NYC for the week, I’m excited to see how all the buyers respond to the re-brand! Stay tuned for more and follow all the developments via #thisiscorey.

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  1. September 14, 2012 7:24 pm

    I can’t wait. I absolutely LOVE Corey’s work! I’ve been a fan ever since happening across a few of her gorgeous pieces at Anthropologie. I’ll be checking back for more info! Can’t wait to see more!

    • September 14, 2012 9:46 pm

      Glad u are a fan! Stay tuned on twitter and Facebook by following the #thisiscorey hash tag. There will be lot of fun stuff to get her customers and loyal followers involved!

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