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August 3, 2012

Last year I wrote about an inspiring collaboration of ladies(and a man) from Brooklyn who were creating amazing dresses with their hand painted fabrics for what they called “The Dress Project”.  Since then, I have been following their collective and keeping up with all of their creative projects as I found their cooperative very inspiring on many levels.  Yesterday I was excited to see that Fort Maker’s debuted a small capsule collection of hand painted dresses as a part of this year’s Dress Project for Anthropologie.

Artist Naomi Clark started the process by painting over 900 yards of fabric in an array of different color palettes with her beautiful broad strokes.  Fabric was cut into 7 yard canvases that were then cut and sewn by a small production staff into the dresses that you see in the collection.  Each dress created is a unique one of a kind art to wear garment full of color and expression.  I love the simple silhouettes they chose to pair with the fabrics which allow each garment to stand as a piece of art.

I’m really excited to buy one as I will have it in my closet forever and it is the type of dress that withstands trends and is a work of art.  I love to buy pieces that are created in design and art rather than in trends because they have so much more diversity in the ways that I can style them.  Go and check out the Anthropologie site to see which one you want to buy and I’d hurry because they are most likely going to sell out fast!

To find out more about Fort Maker’s and their design collective, check out their website.

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