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June 20, 2012

Last week I was in San Francisco working on a styling job for ebay for their fast growing fashion department.  The shoot was really fun and I had a great time visiting all of my old friends in the city, hitting up the new restaurants and checking out some of the stores around town.  I visited a really unique shop on Divisadero called The Perish Trust that I really loved.  I think by now you must know that I have a huge love for old things, peculiar places, and unique aesthetics.  This store has all of that and more and also happens to have been inspired by one of my favorite cities, New Orleans.

Stylist and art director, Rod Hipskind founded the store with photographer Kelly Ishikawa in 2008 based on their combined love of old treasures.  I talk about craftmanship alot on this blog and the importance of it’s resurgence in the past 5 years.  These two also appreciate the unique and well made treasures of the past that are a constant reminder of the manufactured world we live in today.

The shop is filled with reminders of the past that span about 100 years.  Manufactured goods from the past were made so much better than they are today and this shop’s eccentric mix of product really showcases all of the detail so well.

You can also find new creations inspired by the past from a group of local artisans featured in the store such as Jessica Niello, Neil Van Vorst, Kevin Randoph and Mariele Williams.

Some of the artists mentioned design jewelry and I loved their collection of nostalgic inspired pieces.

According to the owners their mission is “to diligently collect and curate antiques from the dead and dying industries. Perusing basements, boxes and personal stashes for the odd, obsolete and unusual. Hand picking artists from coast to coast to collaborate and showcasing it all in our gussied up little bunker.”  Gotta love it!

The store is so well put together and the merchandising is so inspiring.  It feels like a very well designed flea market so there is inspiration everywhere.

I have a love for little things and this store is full of them! I could spend hours in here looking around, its impossible to see everything in one visit that is for sure.

Much of their store is available for prop rentals for photoshoots and movies so if you are ever looking for a particular something, give these guys a call.  And next time you are in San Francisco, make sure you stop in and take an inspired trip down memory lane in The Perish Trust.  Oh and make sure you have lunch or dinner down the street at Nopa, it is one of my SF all time favorite restaurants.

The Perish Trust

728 Divisadero Street

San Francisco, Ca 94117

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