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May 11, 2012

Today marks the anniversary of Bob Marley’s death 31 years ago.  I wasn’t aware of this date until I woke up this morning and saw a post on facebook by one of his daughters, Karen that I have recently had the pleasure of meeting.  I thought it was quite a coincidence as I have been listening to Bob quite a bit this week to help keep my focus in the right place as I make my way through some challenges. A large part of Bob’s message is to live with a heart of gratitude and to be love. Pretty simple stuff that we might lose track of on occasion, and I’m always so thankful for Bob’s words to get me back there.

I realize that The Sche Report is a fashion blog and not a platform for my spirituality or beliefs; so I am  dedicating my post today to Bob by reflecting on his personal style.  Most people remember Bob for his music and his message and many might not know about the contributions that he made to fashion through his style.  There are so many iconic images of Bob in the 1970’s in Jamaica and touring all over the world that people and drawn upon for inspiration for years.

When I think about what he contributed from a styling perspective there are a few major standouts:

  • Track jackets
  • All in one denim looks/patchwork denim
  • Military jackets
  • Berets and knit caps

All of these looks have influenced street wear for the past 30 years and they will continue to be relevant looks into the future.  Take a look at some of my favorites below.

When I think about Bob and his influence on the world, I can’t help but see how he encompasses not only the PAST but also the PRESENT and the FUTURE.  His music, his message and his influence on fashion will live on for centuries and that is a pretty remarkable achievement.

As you are dressing yourself today or for a night out tonite, take a little bit of inspiration from Bob in your style and celebrate the life of a legend.

All photos from, the uk mirror, and Bob Marley’s official site.

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