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May 9, 2012

I love Planet magazine for all of the artists that they share on their website.  Because they are coming at the art scene from a different angle, I am always excited to be introduced to the artists that they feature.

I read about artist Holton Rower, and thought I would share with you as I am always a big fan of bold color and his work showcases color in a way that I think is very interesting.

“After five years in seclusion, Holton Rower is emerging with a solo show in New York City. His pour paintings, on display at The Hole through May 26th, are vibrant displays of acrylic paint left mostly to its own devices. Standing above large planks, Rower pours paint down thick wooden protrusions, allowing the paint to grow, or not, as wood blocks and other obstacles permit. Though at first the method seems simple, Rower has refined the process and his technical skills to an extent that intention and spontaneity are evident in equal measure in the work.”

See pictures of this new exhibition below and if you are in NYC, be sure to stop in the gallery.

All images from Planet magazine

This artist has some very interesting sculpture work as well.  He has used human hair to create sculpture and other interesting medium.  Check out his site here.

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