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May 7, 2012

Some of you might recall that I visited Tokyo last year and fell in love with the city.  I have been obsessed with Japan for such a long time and it was amazing to be able to go there and experience their culture.

I knew going there that Japan was highly influenced by the United States, but as I strolled thru the city of Tokyo and their clothing boutiques, I soon found out how much they are obsessed with California style.  I was mesmerized by the merchandising in some of the stores and their attention to detail.  I loved the way that they interpreted the California surf culture, and quite frankly, I think they do a better job at it than we do!

One of my favorite stores in Tokyo was called The Hollywood Ranch Market.

This store had an amazing assortment of all things California:  surf tees, vintage denim, Native American jewelry, red/white/blue, and everything else you need to get the Cali/Japanese look.

I loved the way the store was merchandised with stuff everywhere, but very thought out. The Japanese are so detail oriented and it really comes through in how they put together their stores.  This store is so fun and there is so much going on in every little corner to see, it took me forever to make my way through there.

We all know that the Japanese know how to do denim really well and I loved all of the vintage interpretations that I found in stores over there.  I love some denim patchwork, take a look at this amazing jacket and vest combo below!

I was so excited to get an email from the PR director of this store last week to let me know that they have opened a new online shop so we can now buy some of these awesome items online!! I took a moment to pick out some of my favorite things on the site that best represent this Jap/Cali look.

White overalls $312

Navy polka dot shirt $234

My favorite socks ( I bought 3 pairs of these!) $20

Amazing patchwork denim vest $1145

Peace hand ring $101

When you have a moment, go and visit the OKURA ONLINE SHOP.  The mother company, Seilin, owns three shops in Tokyo: The Hollywood Ranch Market and Okura in the Daikanyama district and Blue Blue in Nakameguro.  The website offers international shipping and their original blog, “LIFE IS A JOURNEY”, has also moved to this site. They stock many items from all three stores in the shop from denim garments to trinkets and bandanas. Also check out their Facebook page for updates.  So excited that this market is becoming more global and we are now able to get the look overseas!

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    May 28, 2012 12:30 am

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