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April 6, 2012

With Louisiana and Texas in my blood, the Blues have a way getting to me.  Since living in Los Angeles, a girlfriend of mine and I are always in search to hear live blues.  We’ve gone all over Los Angeles from Topanga Canyon to Tarzana and Oxnard all in an effort to see some good music that will mesmerize us.  Last weekend, my friend Lindsay brought me to a new place called The Living Room that is one of the best hidden gem bars in the city.

A few nights a week they have blues bands, and last Sunday night Johnny Moezzi and his band played with local blues man Charlie Chan.

Charlie Chan on the mic and Johnny Moezzi on guitar

I can’t really explain to you how great this little dive bar is.  One of those things you have to experience for yourself.  I can only tell you that I was mesmerized by Johnny’s talent on the guitar and Charlie singing the blues with his harmonica.

Charlie Chan

Johnny Moezzi rockin his great grandfather's coat

Dale Jennings on bass

If you happen to live in La, stopping into The Living Room on Sunday nights is an absolute must.  Expect to see Johnny and his band for the month of April as their residents.

Johnny is currently working on his album which has a bit more of a soul/funk/rock vibe to it.  He played a little bit of it for us and I bought his EP the next day.  Check it out here.  This guy has got something special, I would definitely expect to see more of him in the future.

And btw, Johnny has some serious style and swagger.

The Johnny Moezzi Band

Take a peek at his video below.


Follow Johnny and his band on facebook and make sure you stop into The Living Room if you are ever in town.  And if you happen to be looking for me on a Sunday night, well I think it might be pretty easy to track me down.  🙂


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