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April 2, 2012

I had an amazing weekend and reveling in all its glory today.  This week I am going to do separate posts on all of my happenings that included an unbelievable car show by Mr Cartoon, trail riding in the mountains, an Art/Music party for the 99%, the Pasadena City College Flea Market, and a seriously awesome live blues show on Sunday night.  It was quite an eventful weekend and totally has me geared up for Summertime in Los Angeles.

I’d like to start with a little bit of fashion and show you the great stuff I found at the flea market yesterday. I love to go scouring for vintage, and this is a great flea market to do so.  I found some really great things!

Sterling silver and turquoise cuff

When I got dressed to go horseback riding on saturday, I realized that I don’t have as much turquoise jewelry as I thought I did.  My mom is hoarding all of it! So when I saw this at the flea market for a GREAT price, I had to get it.  I love the delicate design of it.  Sometimes these types of bracelets can be a little masculine and I like that this one has a feminine design to it.

Leopard heels by Jean Michel Cazabat

Love these heels that I found by Jean Michel Cazabat.  You wouldn’t believe what price I got them for. Apparently this vendor wasn’t familiar with one of my favorite shoe designers! You can never have too many leopard heels as long as they have a timeless design.  I loved these because they are open toed, elegant and sexy.  Perfect with any outfit to make it a little more sassy. So excited to wear these!

Hermes scarf

From the same vendor I got this amazing vintage Hermes scarf.  This was the one item that I paid a bit of money for.  But still not what you would pay at a vintage store.  I fell in love with the color palette and the print with the birds is AMAZING!

Love this graphically

All around the scarf are the names of the types of birds written in French! Seriously so excited about this find.

Loving these colors for Spring

I went looking for Spring items and I definitely found what I was looking for.  This woven shirt is so great, love the colors for Spring and you know Tropical prints/flowers are a big trend for this season.

Floral print shift

I fell in love with the color in this dress and the floral print seemed very modern in weird way.  These types of florals are trending very big right now and will continue through next Spring.  Going to wear with my pink Acne heels this summer!

Spring was definitely on my mind…here are a few other things I saw that got me in the mood for Spring.

Loving the colors

If you don't have any sea foam green items in your closet need to get one! Love this color for Spring 2012

Amazing cuff I wanted to buy...but didn't 😦

So in love with the color palette of this shirt..Spring 2013 inspiration


I NEED this necklace!!!!

My favorite lady

Love this pair of lady lamps...and love this color blue even more for Spring

More turquoise..I think I might be obsessed with those silver boot tips. Crazy cool.

There was something so cool about this piece. Would love to see it hanging on the wall as art. Also loving the color red!

I always get a lot of inspiration at flea markets and yesterday was no different. Not only did I find some great items to add to my Spring wardrobe, but I also got some great ideas for my clients for Spring 2013.  Definitely a trip well worth it!

Hope you got inspired as well..


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