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March 27, 2012

We all are aware that SXSW was last week in Austin and that Coachella is just around the corner.  All this talk about honkey tonks, festivals and guitars has me thinking about getting outfits ready for all of the fun.  At LA market, I ran a cross a fun boot collection at the D&A show that got me even more in the mood.

FREEBIRD by Steven is a great boot line that incorporates newer trend ideas into an old Texas tradition.  Made in the heart of Mexico by local artisans, the boots are made entirely by hand in a small, ancient boot factory. Each boot is distinctly different and every design is one of a kind. They never make more than 1,000 or so pairs per style which makes every pair oh so special. Everything is GoodYear welted by hand, an old fashioned process of stacking layers of leather together and sewing them with a large needle. Each pair takes about 20 hours to “set,” and is hand distressed and hand burnished. Pretty sweet for a pair of distinctly unique cowboy boots.

I’ve got Texas in my blood and I’m also a cowgirl, so it takes something pretty cool to catch my attention when it comes to cowboy boots.  These days trends get overdone and mass marketed and the novelty can wear off so quickly.  It was great to see a line of “fashion” cowboy boots that have an inherently unique approach that also ooze a true cowgirl vibe.

Great back that!

I love how the  kilim textiles are brought into the design and the leather is worn in just the right amount.  I’m sure these boots are comfortable and will only get better with time.

Not only are the boots great looking but they have a great price to go along with them.  All of the boots retail for under $500 which is amazing for something so unique and handmade.  Not to mention these will last a lifetime in your closet.

My favorite style

This style was one of my favorites as I loved the rugged nature of them with the leather straps wrapped around.  These definitely have a tougher vibe to them, but the details win me over.

The styles I’m showing you are for Fall 2012 so you can’t buy them yet.  But there are a few online websites that you can find similar styles.  Check out Free People, Need Supply and Akira to purchase online.

Now I’ve got to figure out how I can get ahold of one of these styles before Coachella….

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