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February 27, 2012

I was pleasantly surprised by the Oscars last night.  Billy Crystal did a great job as a host and Brian Grazer’s production and creative direction was fresh and almost borderline “artsy”.  The stage channeled Old Hollywood glamour and was definitely influenced by the movie The Artist and the 1920’s.  Not only did The Artist take home a bundle of awards, but it has proven to  be a large part of an over-arching trend that has been surfacing since Gucci’s Spring 2012 show.

Not only is this film stylish in its cinematography, but it is a stylish film featuring the glamorous 1920s. The amazing work by Oscar winner and Costume Designer, Mark Bridges, wowed me with art deco influences and a full on display of the 1920s irreverence to style.

Besides “The Artist“, brilliant films such as “Midnight in Paris” and “The Great Gatsby” will surely help usher in a new 1920’s movement.

The red carpet also channeled this trend with all white gowns, art deco influence, all over beading and deep v-necks. The white trend was definitely in full force, but with these in particular looks, the 1920’s were leading the way.

JLo in Zahair Murad, Milla in Elie Saab

The Spring runways were full of 1920’s references – Gucci, Etro, Ferretti, Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren – the list goes on and on.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2012

Etro Spring 2012

Gucci Spring 2012

Ralph Lauren Spring 2012

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2012

Expect to see items in store featuring art-deco patterns, drop waists, Chantilly lace, deep V necks and all over jet beading in the coming months.  The trend has continued into Fall 2012 so stay tuned to find out more of what to expect later in the year in regard to this trend.

The last time a full-on fashion movement was brought on by film/TV was by the 1950’s influenced “Mad Men” (Prada and LV Fall 2010 comes to mind).  Soon after the show began, you saw fashion take a turn towards modesty in dressing and color and design were inspired by a mid-century modern aesthetic.

Looking forward to seeing how the 1920’s will continue to translate through art, interiors and music in the coming years.  If this trend is anywhere near as strong as Mad Men’s influence, we will be seeing it for at least a few years.  I imagine that there will be a few more movies and perhaps a tv show in the making.  We shall see!

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