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February 22, 2012

Last week I presented to you a small group of young designers to take a look at this season in London. One of which was a knitwear line called SIBLING.  This season they incorporated womenswear into their presentation with SISTER BY SIBLING. This trio of designers takes traditional knitwear references and modernizes them with their British wit and humor and of course a lot of bold color and wackiness.

Their Fall presentation proved to be exactly what I was hoping for:  color, craziness, embellishment and over-the-top combinations.  When looking at the styling of the collection, one can get a bit scared by the covered faces and wacky pom pom headgear and colored monkey fur.  DON’T!! This type of art is London street fashion at its finest. Sometimes when looking at collections it is a bit easier to look at things as individual items rather than in a whole look and style.  If you take a look at these “jumpers” on their own, you can see their commercial validity:  fair isle, leopard, embellishment, and skull interpretations.


With kooky/kitschy knitwear spotted on the likes of HanneliSusie Bubblethe Glamourai and Kate Lamphear…this trend isn’t going anywhere.  And did you see Burberry’s animal sweaters this season?  So darn cute I can’t stand it.

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