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August 16, 2011

You may or may not know that I just returned from an inspiration trip to Asia where I visited both Tokyo and Beijing.  The trip was AMAZING and I got more than enough inspiration from both cities to last me for awhile!  I went on the trip to look for store experience ideas for one my clients that happens to be a really big junior retailer.  I knew Tokyo was the best place to go for that and I wanted to visit Beijing to check out their highly talked about Art scene.  I got so many great ideas for windows, mannequin styling, merchandising, store design and propping amongst other trending ideas.  I took the trip with my cohort, James Arnold, who I am working with at the company and he did an amazing job putting this video together as a quick reference for what we saw.

While I am pulling together directional posts regarding specific ideas on my trip, I thought I would share with you an overall image extravaganza that will at least give you a feel of what we saw while we were there.

Enjoy and stay tuned to The Sche Report in the coming weeks for more on my trip!


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