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July 26, 2011

If someone told you that 6,000 Helmut Lang archival pieces were destroyed for art, what would you say? As a lover of his work, I am horrified at the thought but intrigued to find out that the ex-fashion designer is responsible for the destroying.

Every time Helmut Lang comes out with something new, there are always two constants:

First, there is always the question of when the designer will finally decide to come back to fashion and wow us all over again.

Second, regardless of the answer of the first question, there will always be an immense interest in whatever project he shows as it is always brilliant.

The man is just a genius in general. Seriously.

This time around Lang is debuting an art exhibition titled Make it Hard at East Hampton’s Fireplace Project. The exhibition includes sculptures Lang made out of shredding 6,000 pieces from his archival collection.

Lang said since his New York City studio got burned down and he had to go through his archive piece by piece to examine the damage, he’s been entertaining the idea of destroying them himself.

Once the plan was in motion and the garments got shredded into raw material, Lang then mixed the fabric with resin, fur, plastic, metal, skins, feathers…etc to create sculptures shaped like small tree trunks.

The designer noted that this is not “an effort to erase the past”, but merely “a circumstantial effort in favor of new creative endeavors”. For his fans who are horrified to think that thousands of Helmut Lang master-pieces are now destroyed, the designer on the other hand doesn’t seem to care much and hints at a larger scale exhibition to come with similar concepts.

As exciting as that sounds, the mixed-feelings toward the current project speaks volumes to how much Lang’s supreme artistry is missed in the fashion community.

Oh Helmut Lang…We will always love you.  Please continue to surprise us!

The exhibition will stay at The Fireplace Project  until August 8, 2011.

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