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July 22, 2011

I was going through the Fall shows again to refresh my mind on what happened 6 months ago when I stumbled upon the Versus collection designed by Christopher Kane. It instantly reminded me of how much I loved it! Besides being beautiful, the concept was tightly conceived and the execution was superb. The young British designer has managed to make the sister brand to Versace relevant again, all thanks to brilliant designs.

Kane managed to revive a tiring young brand. Under the shadow of Versace, Versus was always poised to be the younger, hipper version of Versace but it never quite got its own identity. Oftentimes it looks like Versace’s leftover sketches being thrown together to create a collection. But with Kane’s help, he was able to revisit archives to extract interesting details, made the overall look of Versus more sophisticated with a younger edge, and through that he identified the gap between Versace and Versus and gave the label some substantial design elements and thus a breath of fresh air.

He used his skill of playing up kitschy elements very well when handling Versus. That sort of borderline tacky but really fashionable vibe suits Versus well. He reminds people that fashion, though taken very seriously these days, can still be fun and playful and the result can be very much respectful. The Versus girl is a bit more girly but still possesses a wild side that is signature Versace. It’s highly thematic but also very wearable and is always presented in such a mind-blowing focused manner.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, so here are a few of my favorites from the aforementioned Fall 2011 collection:

Can’t wait to see what he has prepared for Versus’ Spring collection. Last time he did Spring it was a wonderful retro, archival collection of prints and colors. It was again a super tightly edited group of well designed garments, so I wouldn’t expect anything less for the upcoming Spring collection either. Stay tuned to The Sche Report for our Spring coverage in September, you’ll be definitely seeing a few mentions of Christopher Kane here.

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