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June 6, 2011

After a great week of vacation in the desert (hope you enjoyed seeing my journey!), I want to bring us right back to what we do best:  Trend Forecasting. We recently presented the top Fall 2011 trends and in an effort to stay ahead of the curve, I have put together 5 key items for Fall to help you get a kick start on the essentials for your wardrobe.

I realize we are just getting into the thick of summer, however this is the best time to look ahead and find great deals on Vintage versions of these key items.  I have always been good at this type of shopping, and it is what I love most about shopping vintage.  Knowing what the trends are before everyone else can be very beneficial to your wardrobe.  I can scour ebay, thrift stores and flea markets and always come out with something that I will wear 1 or 2 seasons from now.  It’s quite genius actually.

In an effort to show you some current options out there right now that reflect the Fall 2011 trends, I’ve pulled some options from ebay and etsy for your shopping reference.


In our Top Fall 2011 trend “One Of The Guys” we highlighted the huge influence menswear had on the Fall runway. The double-breasted blazer took precedence and is a must-have for any woman’s wardrobe come Fall.

Double-Breasted Blazer from Tommy Hilfliger's Fall 2011 Collection

Look at the great vintage version’s I found (click on image to go directly to product page):

Double-Breasted Blazer with Sheer Polka Dot Sleeves - Buy It Now for $45.90

Vintage 80's Escada blazer - Buy it now for $32.00


A high-collared Victorian blouse hits two of our Top Fall trends:  “Refined Opulence” and “Romantic Dichotomy“. This blouse will be seen worn both very ladylike and with a touch of fetishistic flavor.  For more diversity, keep the look elegant with a touch of transparency which will also help keep the look modern.

Chanel's Victorian blouse from Fall 2011 Collection

A few great vintage versions here (click on image to go directly to product page):

Sheer Black Polka-Dot Victorian Blouse - Buy It Now for $160.00

Vintage French Battenburg Lace Victorian Bodice - But It Now for $743.75


Our pick of a Navajo related item should be no surprise to some of our longtime readers as we often mention the ethnic influence in our trend reports. The Fall 2011 runway is no exception, showing an array of Western/Artisan inspired looks as illustrated in our Fall trend report “Crafting the Frontier“. A bold poncho will send a strong statement and is at the top of our MUST HAVE list.

Chloe's Fall 2011 Color-Blocked Poncho

Here are some great vintage options (click on image to go directly to product page):

Vintage Southwestern Long Poncho - Buy now for $35.00

Vintage Hooded Poncho with Geometric Patterns - Buy now for $185.00


We’ve seen numerous sky high heels marching down the runways season after season, it’s time to give your feet a break and invest in a great pair of flats. To compliment the menswear trend, find a great pair of spectators or loafers to pair with a blazer, dress shirt, trousers and more. Reference our trend report “One Of The Guys” to get great ideas for how to nail the look this Fall.

Tsumori Chisato's Fall 2011 Black and White Lace-up oxfords

White Loafers from Stella McCartney's Fall 2011 Collection

Look at these great vintage versions (click on image to go directly to product page):

Black and White Sling-back Lace-up Oxford - Buy now for $28.00

Vintage Bass Loafers - Buy now for $32.00


Fur is making a major comeback on the Fall runway in everything from fur sleeves to shaggy  jackets and shoes. Vintage is a perfect route to score fantastic fur items, and of course nowadays there are also plenty of amazing faux-fur options. Fur is great to buy vintage because it is much cheaper and makes you feel better about re-cycling an older fur.  There are so many ideas for Fall, here are just a few.

Purple Fur Caplet from Gucci's Fall 2011 Collection

Fur Covered Shoes from Altuzarra's Fall 2011 Collection

Green Fur Handbag from Emporio Armani's Fall 2011 Collection

Check out some great vintage options we found (click on image to go directly to product page):

50s Vintage Caplet with Red Collar Trim - Buy now for $18.00

Beige Faux Fur Covered Slip-on - Buy now for $38.00

Quilted Faux Fur Handbag - Buy It Now for $9.70

Faux Fur Earmuffs - Buy now for $28.00

So if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, and save a few dollars along the way, subscribe to The Sche Report to find out everything you should buy each season before everyone else does.

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  1. CLightfoot permalink
    June 6, 2011 5:44 pm

    great stuff– I’m going shopping !

  2. September 21, 2011 8:59 am

    Hooray! Finally some of the items that have been stashed in my closet are ok now! LOL! Of course, I wore them anyway… even though my boyfriend says my little black furry purse looks like a dead cat on a string. >=|

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