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April 22, 2011

In our most recent Top 10 Trend post, “Read Between The Lines”, we included a bold color-blocked striped dress by the Paris based label Commuun. The brand has been consistently producing interesting, innovative, chic yet sporty looks for a few years. The name itself represents the ethos of the label eluding to community, communion, and communication. It is an overall nod to the communal relationship between human beings and how beauty comes out of collaboration and respect, both towards each other, and nature.

By now it should be apparent that sustainability is the new frontier and so far many companies are waving the eco-friendly banner. But often time what we observe is that the principle is limited in the area of business practices and not yet being extended to the design theory as well. Which makes us glad to come across COMMUUN, which embodies sustainability throughout its business model as well as design philosophy, it is truly a fashion brand that promotes an entire sustainable lifestyle.

Kaito Hori (L) and Iku Furudate (R)

The brand might be a bit foreign to most people, but COMMUUN was founded in 2005 by design partners, Iku Furudate (a graduate from Bunka Fashion College as well as Central Saint Martin) and Kaito Hori, who trained at NY’s FIT and Arnhem Academy of Arts.

Their work represents what is possible when two talents organically  collaborate and how beauty can materialize through communication and mutual respect. Everything about COMMUUN reflects an awareness that we all belong and exist as a small part of a global community, and the clothes exude a global appeal while remaining cosmopolitan and utilitarian chic as a result. The designers count the lines and geometric shapes of 50s’ and 60s’ couture as a big inspiration (which is evident in the general silhouettes of the collections), but they also stress that each season they draw inspiration from nature.

Fall 2011 was yet another exceptional example of which. Stripes of varying materials, colors, and textures reveal the nuance of proportions; while the folds and creases of delicate draping hint at the varying landscapes of our world.

Each look juxtaposes elegance with sportiness and the Communn woman is exploratory.  More importantly, besides being steadfast and invested in their sustainable philosophy, quality remains at the forefront of the designers’ concern. Each pattern was given meticulous attention to ensure proper fit, and along with supreme fabrics, each resulting garment is meant to seamlessly form to the wearer’s body providing comfort and style.

Besides a laser sharp focus to each individual garment, the designers designed each collection to be harmonious with the previous one. This is where COMMUUN’S sustainability transcends fabrication and construction processes and truly enters the realm of lifestyle. As an extension of their eco-friendliness, pieces from different collections are meant to be complimentary to each other so that the customer can mix and match items from different seasons. Each COMMUUN creation is a timeless and a lasting piece of workmanship to be kept and cherished, not to be tossed out when a new season is about to begin. We often say that classic items are meant to last, and when a garment that is so well made with an intension of excellence and respect, then it instantly becomes a classic and will endure and mature with the wearer as time goes on.

This classic and timeless approach, once again, is exactly what The Sche Report believes to be the new “innovation” of the industry.

We are not the only one who is onto this brand, some of the world’s best boutiques are supporting the line and it can be found in over 14 countries.

Look for COMMUUN at some of our favorite boutiques worldwide:

View other notable looks from Commuun’s Fall 2011 collection here:

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