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February 12, 2011

Los Angeles fashion line Libertine returned to NYFW today after a short hiatus from the catwalk.  The line was originally designed by Johnson Hartig and Cindy Greene which took NYFW by storm in 2004 with their vintage pieces that were silk screened with gothic graphics.  Greene is no longer co-designing the line, this season it was all Hartig.

The fashion flock has been anticipating the re-incarnation of the brand this season, and from what we saw this morning he certainly did not disapoint.

Hartig revived the brands prep-school meets Anglomania roots, this time focusing on a mix of bright colors and textures incorporating his original idea of screen printing on fabrics.  The fabrics were treated with paint and texture creating a canvas of spectacular mixtures.  The clothes were ladylike with a hint of Anglomania and the prep school was brought in with his colorful spectator heels.

It felt fresh and exciting and certainly different from what we have seen from anyone else so far.  The colored stockings are amazing and we hope they will be produced for retail!

Looking forward to seeing where the future of this brand goes.  Stay tuned for more on Hartig as we hope to get a sneak peak at the line up close when he returns to Los Angeles.


Libertine Fall 2011


Libertine Fall 2011

Libertine Fall 2011

Libertine Fall 2011

Libertine Fall 2011

Libertine Fall 2011

Designer Johnson Hartig

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