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February 7, 2011

Before we get into the Fall 2011 runway season, I wanted to give a few predictions of what I think we will be seeing on the runways in the coming month.  From top colors and accessory ideas to key items and general stylings, here are a few of our thoughts.



RED has been popping up everywhere since it made its return in Fall of 2010.  A color trend that we predicted last fall, you can be sure that RED will make a big appearance in 2011 mixed with neutrals and black and white for a modern feel.


With Green making a huge impact for Spring 2011, it is only natural that BLUE will be next.  Look for pops of turquoise and electric blue mixed with hues from slate blue to navy.


The 1970’s trend brings on the use of BURNT ORANGE.  A transition from bright orange for Spring 2011, this color will be the evolution of Camel from last Fall.  Look for it mixed with neutrals and popped with loden green, mustard and deep fuchsia.


Also playing off of the 1970’s palette and specifically Marc Jacob’s Spring 2011 collection, AUBERGINE and shades of Eggplant will play a huge part in 2011’s Fall palette.  Look for combinations with brown and camel and suited up with shades of gray and navy.



With the extreme height that we have seen in heels in the past several seasons, it is only natural that FLATS will be making their return as a key item for Fall 2011.  Seen on the Pre-Fall and Couture runways of many top designers, look for minimal versions paired with clean lines and masculine styles to compliment the season’s suiting.


From scarves and turbans, to mod caps and wide-brimmed hats, expect to see a trend in HEADWEAR this Fall.  Turbans have been popping up on the streets of Paris and wide-brimmed hats are the perfect accompaniment to the 1970’s trend.  Also expect modern versions as seen at the couture and fur interpretations for a glamorous approach.  Within this category we will also see Gypsy and Byzantine influenced jewelry adornment worn on the head.  Check out our past Trend Alert on Gypsy Headgear.



MINIMALISM is not going anywhere!  Expect to see more designers jumping on the bandwagon and following in the footsteps of the leaders Calvin Klein, Celine and Jil Sander.  Looking forward to Fall 2011’s interpretations.


Playing off of the minimalism trend, expect to see a greater influence from the 1960’s in MOD SILHOUETTES.  The shift dress made a big hit on the Spring runways and will be transitioning through to Fall.  Look for turtlenecks worn with A-line dresses, cocoon coats, and shapes ala Rudi Gengrich and André Courrèges.


Femininity will again remain strong with FLUIDITY and SOFTNESS making a bigger appearance on the Fall runways than we normally see.  Soft and languid fabrics will be paired with textures and wool fabrications for this season’s best layering effects.


In contrast to femininity, there will be a strong emphasis on MEN’S SUITING, most specifically pantsuits channeling the late 1970’s independent woman.  Look for double-breasted, 3 piece suits, tweed versions and classic versions. The full leg or flared will remain strong.


Plan on seeing POPS OF BRIGHTS styled with dark colors.  Look for turq, fuschia, red and yellow as accents to grey, brown and black.


Stay tuned for all of our coverage of the Fall 2011 season in the month to come.  From our “Ones to Watch” to our “Top Picks”, The Sche Report will be giving you all the season’s best collections from NY, London, Milan and Paris.  Check back Wednesday for our “NYC One’s To Watch”.


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