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January 31, 2011

SUPERMARKET SARAH is an online shopping experience that Sarah started in her living room that has now now spread into public spaces; galleries, shop fronts, bars, receptions and this weekend Sarah curated a 30ft high wall at Selfridges London Concept Store. She started by placing curated product up on a wall in themes allowing online customers to click and purchase the rotating items on display.  Each week she changes out the wall allowing new artists to participate featuring different young and eclectic designers of the London fashion scene. She has garnered quite a following in London as well as all over the world as her idea is completely unique and interactive.

Current online shopping wall

Online shopping wall

On Friday, Sarah launched her successful wall idea in Selfridge’s London Concept store.  Our contributing editor, Kelly Dent, was there to see how the idea would be implemented in a retail space.

The wall was put up on the ground floor of the store and included four separate ideas for displaying product:  Vintage, Super Stuff, New Designers and Featured Designer.

A snapshot from the Vintage wall

New Designers wall included accessories and random things

The New Designer wall features accessories and random things from some of her many designer friends. She buys things based on what she likes and what interests her and product rotates as it sells and as her mood changes.

Necklaces by Grain on display

Super Stuff wall

Hamburger and Hotdog purses, of course!

And we all need a Lady Gaga paper doll

The featured designer for the launch is Eley Kishimoto.  Upcoming designers to include: Tatty Devine, Patternity, Swedish Blonde Design, Audrey Roger, Mell Elliot, Lynn Harzuis, Pheobe Eason, Rina Donnersmarck, Henrietta Swft, Garudio Studiage, Merrymaking, Donna Wilson and NEIVZ.

Eley Kishimoto wall

Eley is known for amazing graphic prints

I love that she used post its on the wall for her displays!

Tote bag made from Selfridge's shopping bags; only 40 pounds!

Here’s a picture of Ms. Supermarket Sarah, check out that necklace!

Supermarket Sarah

A two piece band was there adding to the revelry

Those in attendance included local designers, bloggers and London hipsters all looking to be a part of the fun.


You know I love this girl in her mixed prints!

Kelly reported that the shop “is a really fun space and sort of feels like wandering through a fun apartment, but with price tags. There are little things for every budget and you could still walk away feeling like you got a special treasure no matter what you want to spend. Its a great little shopping experience to go through someone’s curated and playful suggestions.”

In retail, I’ve been talking about the importance of having a conversation with customers and sharing an experience.  This is a great example of what I am talking about.  Sarah’s out of the box approach is delightful and her display techniques are fun and quirky sharing her perspective on fashion.  Her range of prices are very important to the mix allowing everyone to find something special and be able to say “I got this from Supermarket Sarah!”.  Her strategy of limited and rotating product develops a “i have to buy it now” reaction from her customer and also keeps her inventory and overhead low.

The Supermarket Sarah shop will be up through summer at Selfridge’s while she also continues with her online store.

Thanks Kelly and we can’t wait for your London Fashion Week coverage!

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