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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

October 15, 2010

Fashion month is finally over. Whew!

But the madness doesn’t stop there, now we have to pull it all together for you.  The Sche Report will be busy breaking down all the hottest trends for you in the coming week.

The Spring 2011 runways presented a plethora of beautiful trends and we understand how it can get overwhelming deciding which one  is right for you. Should I pursue quaint beauty with minimalism or make a scene with bold colors? Should I start doodling on my jeans or attach feathers and fringes all over my dress? Or should I start getting in shape for the sheer button downs or invest in a sweater with cool textures? What about embracing the 70s? Should I stock up on high waist trousers or get myself a sexy tweed hot pants suit from Chanel?

These are all questions we will be answering for you in the coming months. We would like to demonstrate how the trends are relevant to the industry at large, including retailers, designers the end consumer. We will be breaking down how to wear these trends, and more importantly why we pick these to be the key trends of the season. And along the way, we are also gearing up to immerge ourselves in the Los Angeles and London retail landscape, going behind-the-scenes with note-worthy designer’s collection, and continuing to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Therefore, stay tuned while we take a moment to prepare all the amazingness that is about to bombard this blog! And to satisfy your need for covetable fashion and a chance to review the whole fashion month, click on the links below to review our Top 5 for New York, London, Milan, and Paris!

New York

Click here


Click here


Click here


Click here

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