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FASHION AND ART: Paul McCarthy and Jesse Kamm

September 27, 2010

As we launch into the Fall season, new things are happening all over the city that we have to keep our eye on.  This weekend we were all over town checking out music venues, art openings and trunk shows at some of our favorite spots.

First up was the opening of Paul McCarthy’s new exhibit, Three Sculptures, which opened at the new outpost of L&M Arts in Venice on Saturday.  This was Paul’s first exhibition in his hometown in a decade which was a really big deal for art enthusiasts all over the world.  The gallery featured new large-scale sculptures, both indoor and outdoor, of all different mediums; representing the culmination of several major themes that have run through-out McCarthy’s work for many years.  The sculptures were so over-the-top and definitely pushed the viewer’s mind into a confused and somewhat questionable state.  Which is what art is supposed to do, right?  See for yourself below.

"Train, Mechanical"

This piece was quite disturbing to most people as it depicts a George Bush/pirate hybrid mounting a pig from behind, while another pig humps the same pig’s skull.  Yeah, its out there, and definitely pushes the limits of what the viewer is looking at asking questions like how, why, WHY?  McCarthy’s piece redefines sculptural form and continues his series of works, Pig Island,  that are inspired by the Disney ride Pirates of the Caribbean.  All of his pig works contain political satire, cultural commentary and playful experimentation with various modes of art production.  This piece of work was robotic and actually moved up and down the train track.


"Ship of Fools, Ship Adrift"

This piece feels adorable and obscene all at once.  Deriving from a saccharine nautical scene, the figures of children are decomposed, their lyrical voices halted by pipes ripping through their youthful vocal cords.  This piece weighs 8 tons and was made in black bronze.  The technique used is pretty spectacular and again pushes the viewer to wonder, “Is this art?”

The piece below was featured outside and is titled “Apple Tree Boy Apple Tree Girl”.  This piece depicts a miniature Adam and Eve who find themselves reborn as an eighteen foot uberkinder; they remain only a suggestion of their former selves, almost sweetly deformed and just to the point of abstraction.  These figures teeter between portraits of childlike purity and a Garden of Eden gone terribly wrong.

L & M Arts building outdoor space

The opening reception was during the day which was a perfect compliment to the new L & M space and their new location in Venice.  The crowd was great, pulling in celebrities, fashion folk and a large portion of art enthusiasts.

Actor James Franco with the artist

There were a few interesting fashion highlights, the rest of the focus was definitely on the art.

Loved this guy's pink cropped/flared jeans and the little floral broach he used to liven up his white tshirt

Loved his moccasin, wrangler and kilim bag combo- very Venice,CA

There were some interesting shoe sightings….

Don't these vintage shoes look like Rodarte/Kirkwood for Spring 2011...found this very interesting!

Loved these velvet embroidered wedges...very luxe Gypsy!!

Neon laces on these Marc Echo high-tops were super fun

Great Japanese couple

Next up was a Spring 2011 preview trunk show for Jesse Kamm over at one of our favorite LA stores, TENOVERSIX.  Jesse Kamm is a LA designer who got her start back in 2006 when stylists and artists alike started to covet her original handmade printed designs.  The beauty of Jesse’s work is that she designs the garments but also creates all the drawings that make up her textile designs.  All pieces are produced in Los Angeles and each piece is hand printed and numbered as a part of a limited collection.  As a “one woman show”, Jesse is adamant about keeping production numbers low and originality and craftsmanship high.

Designer Jesse Kamm with her fabulous new haircut

Limited production pieces for Fall 2010

Spring 2011 limited collection

TENOVERSIX shoe display

TENOVERSIX is a fantastic accessory store in Los Angeles featuring brands such as Acne, Rachel Comey, Lover, APC, Rowena Sartin and Alexander Wang.  They also have their own line of accessories and amazing one of a kind coats that are at the top of our wish list for Fall.  Check out their store online for more information, or go by their new location at 8425 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Co-Owner of TENOVERSIX, Brady Cunningham

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