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April 28, 2010

While I was attending the Fall shows in Paris and London, I noticed inklings of a “Fur Warrior” look on some of the girls parading outside of the shows.

There were two girls in particular outside of the Lanvin show that were dressed in this look from head to toe. All in shades of beige and white, they had leather bags and holders wrapped around them and giant fur hats.  They wore long johns (a Fall trend I will cover later), fur trimmed gloves, fur boots and ski parkas. The look had a total Warrior/Nordic/Boho look and I was mesmerized.

What I loved most about this girl was the cross-body strappy bags that she was carrying.  Two of them held bottles of liquids that she was drinking out of. The girl was ready to go out into the mountains and be prepared!  The hat was so beyond amazing and I couldn’t stop obsessing over it.

There were versions of the fur trapper hat all around the streets, similar to the girl below.  But none compared to the one above.


image via Facehunter

And this girl’s look below sort of reminds me of the Fur Warrior girl’s look with all of the layers and the color palette.

After I saw these girls in Paris, I noticed three of the main Paris fashion players also featured this look on their runways:  Chanel, John Galliano and Jean Paul Gaultier. All three had a different take on the look, but all three had a Warrior/Boho/Nomad feel to them using layers, fur, leather and ethnic details.

CHANEL image via

CHANEL image via

Karl Lagerfeld used Mongolian fur in all of his garments for Fall. His runway show was presented on a huge ice sculpture to heighten the look.  The knee high Mongolian fur boots are killer and totally have the Fur Warrior vibe.




Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fall collection focused on a Boho/Luxe/Nordic vibe.  He paired ethnic Tibetan details with Warrior jewelry, layers of knits and headgear.




JOHN GALLIANO also focused on a Nordic/Ethnic version of this Fur Warrior using fur trim on almost every garment.  He positioned huge warrior head gear on models and used lots of leather belts and accessories to play up the nomad vibe.


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