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California Dreamin’

April 26, 2010

This weekend I attended Mendocino county’s Annual Earth Day event and I was surprised to find myself inspired by some of the fashions worn by the local population. Hippie fashion has been around for quite sometime, and will always be fashion relevant when living in California.  From painted cowboy boots to trash recycled couture, Northern California represents the ethnicities of the World in their wears.

Loved this Tshirt graphic bought in London from a Japanese artist

I will always love Paint splattered overalls and this lady was really great and so passionate about her art

Cowboy boots are always great for a festival; these painted ones were very cool

I liked the way this guy wrapped his scarf around his head for a little flair

Great embroidery paired with overalls

Fantastic wide brimmed hat made by someone in Eureka

Trash fashion made from recycled potting soil bags

Loved this Peruvian embroidered Poncho, reminded me of Galiano's Fall inspiration

Trash fashion made from soda pop cans and plastic

Amazing pendant someone was wearing with turquoise, coral and diamonds.

Love the green colors and the print combo here

Loved the color palette in these pants; the chartreuse really pops the colors

Great beaded earrings

Trash fashion made from pie tins

Gotta love some Sponge Bob

Earth Mother

Dark Side of the Moon

Great tennis shoes made from all recycled materials; brand is called Worn Again

There is no better indication of Spring than a Seersucker suit

Trash fashion using baskets and pipes

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