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Trend Spotting: TIGHTS AND TOES

April 22, 2010

A trend I spied on the streets of Paris was combining bright tights or shoes with black and vice versa.  The shoes were almost always open-toe allowing the tights to show through.  We’ve been seeing knit socks worn with open toe shoes for a few seasons now and many designers showed this trend again on the Fall runways (Prada and Vanessa Bruno to name a few).

Take a look at these snapshots and how the colors were paired with black and platform open toe heels.

image via Jak&Jil

image via Jak&Jil

Marni Fall 2010

image via Jak&Jil

Are you starting to see a color trend here?  Red, black, fuchsia…

Suno Fall 2010

And Susie Bubble experimenting with blues and greens…


My personal favorites are the red, black, creme and fuchsia combinations. I think people have a hard time pairing the red with black because it can easily bring tasteless fashion choices to mind. I kinda think that is why I am so drawn to it, because it is supposed to be passe’.  But somehow red and black is given another chance with these style pairings.

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