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TREND ALERT- Cropped denim

April 16, 2010

Living in “The Denim capitol of the World”, it can be difficult to figure out the next frontier in denim styling.There are so many offerings, so many styles…and they all just seem to blend together and not really stand out as any particular statement.  Boring….

But much to my dismay, I was THRILLED as I sat at the Isabel Marant Fall show in Paris and saw her take on a new denim silhouette :


image via

image via

image via

Isabel Marant has been getting so much exposure over the past few years because of her easy sensibility and wearability. She has such a fresh approach to fashion that is very easy to interpret.  A little bit Boho, a little Rock n Roll, and always with a Parisian chic flair.  This Fall was nothing less where she featured a take on the 50’s trend by showing pegged cropped denim with varsity style jackets and simple crew neck knits.  The ladylike kitten heels with bows really put the 50’s spin on it, but Ill talk about the 50’s trend more comprehensively in a later post.  Back to the denim.

image via

image via


Isabel showed pegged and zippered cropped versions in red, white, grey, black and dark denim varieties.  I personally LOVE the red denim and will absolutely be adding them into my wardrobe! The great thing about Isabel Marant is that her styling is so uniquely her, yet so easy to emulate.  This is why she has become so popular, she is a Ready to Wear designer that is very translatable to all levels of the fashion world.  She has been a successful designer in Paris for years, but newer to success in the US market. Those of you in NYC can check out her new store in SOHO at 469 Broome Street at the corner of Greene. Her next stop in US expansion is a store in Los Angeles!

Isabel was not the only designer to show cropped denim.  A few styles were seen on the runways this Spring by Dsquared:

image via

image via


Not exactly my favorite styling, but Dsquared is a great source for Junior trending as they always do it young and fun and mixed up.

Here are a few other shots from the Fall runways:

House of Holland's graphic take

L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani

Frankie B offers a pair for Fall

I think we will see this trend in a variety of ways.  It got me thinking about recycling some of my old denim by cutting them off and rolling them up.  That way I can showcase the trend sooner than when it hits the stores.

There are two different styles that you can make depending on what you have in your denim closet.  You could take one of your MANY skinny styles and cut them off and roll them up as shown in the Isabel Marant show.

OR you could take a pair of straight leg/flare leg and cut them off.  This would emulate the flare leg trouser that we also saw so much of on the runway.  That way you could “kill two birds with one stone”.  See this Versace look below that shows this style.

Versace's cropped and flared version

The ultra chic Garance Dore and her pals in Paris are already on it…..

image via Garance Dore

Camel and denim- LOVE!

image via Garance Dore

You can keep them raw edged or finish the hem off.  I’ll probobly keep mine raw as it will be much easier to cut and head out the door!

To see Isabel Marant’s full runway show, click here.

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