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All the Cool Kids are Doing it

March 30, 2010

As I traveled around to the shows I realized that there were almost more photographers outside the show than there were inside.  Most of the outside photographers seemed to be bloggers and street style snappers.  Sometimes I would see them on the inside, but most of the time they stayed outside spending their time capturing what was being worn off of the catwalk.

I also noticed that outside the shows there were people that had no purpose there other than to try and get photographed.  It was a strange but interesting phenomenon to check out.  These participants would just “walk about” outside in between photographers posing every couple of minutes and waiting for people to capture them.  I imagined that most of them were art students, aspiring stylists, up and coming bloggers, etc.

At some of the bigger shows such as Lanvin and Balmain, a paparazzi scene would unfold when certain editors or stylista’s would walk through.  I realized that this is why the shows never start on time ( they are always at least 30-45 minutes late). It’s all the photographers outside holding up the guests which in turn delays the whole thing.  I found this all very intriguing to watch.

Below are some pictures of bloggers/wannabes/artists which all have a bit more of a street style about them compared to some of the pictures I have shown before.

Loved this blogger's casual but feminine day wear. The baggy rolled pants I saw everywhere and I loved how she cinched the belt around to hold them up. The feminine shoe and the kelly green cardigan are the perfect pieces to pull the look together and I loved the eyeglasses used as a part of her look hanging on her shirt. This girl had a great casual chic style everytime I saw her.

If you didn't get the memo....stripes are very popular right now

I loved this girl's use of the color purple and pairing the romantic hat with her velvet blazer was quite charming.

These two I found so intriguing and I loved them as a pair. I saw a lot of derby hats while I was there; on the street as well as on the runway. Sonia Rykiel featured them with her oversized pantsuits and Hermes's Dillinger look paired several with 3 piece suits.

Love the green kicks paired with the Military coat

Another stylish pair, I especially like the girl on the right with the denim on denim topped with an embroidered coat.

I LOVED this cute blogger. The haircut, lipstick and the coat that has one textured cuff was super cool and screamed that this girl was Japanese.

Band of Brothers

Sometimes three trends in one can be over the top. I guess because this guy is Japanese he gets away with it. Totally into how he is wearing the overalls and the details on the Military jacket are quite amazing. The fur trapper hats were seen EVERYWHERE on all the cool kids. Good thing I brought mine to wear 🙂

Love the length of her coat paired with the Spanish bandero hat.

This guy was everywhere, I think he might work for one of the bigger blogs like Streetpeeper or a magazine. He had a very cute and casual way about him.

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